In the realm of recognition, there exists a transformative power in the personalized touch of a trophy. Our Custom Trophies San Diego go beyond plain and simple. They celebrate achievements in a unique way. Let us explain the many ways you can customize your trophy and tailor it to your specific celebration with All Time Awards.

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Engrave the Recipients Name

The most simple yet most important detail in a custom trophy is having the recipient’s name engraved. It transforms any generic award into a unique and personalized token of recognition

Engrave the Date

A very small but important detail. Engrave the date of when the specific achievement was made or the date of celebration. When the recipient looks back at their custom trophy they will always be reminded of not just the achievement itself, but the exact moment in time when their dedication and hard work culminated in a well deserved recognition.

Crafting a Special Message

Beyond the trophy design, the addition of a special message adds a layer of sentiment to the trophy. Whether it’s words of encouragement or appreciation, a personalized message makes the trophy that much more meaningful.

Incorporate Company Branding

For those in a corporate setting, our custom trophies allow you to integrate company branding such as logos, colors, and other brand elements.

Material and Finish Options

Another great thing about our Custom Trophies San Diego is our wide array of materials and finishes you can choose from. Whether it’s a sleek glass trophy, an elegant crystal award, or a wooden plaque, you can choose whichever best suits your specific celebration.


In the world of custom trophies, personalization is crucial. Transform a standard award into a personalized masterpiece that mirrors the unique accomplishment of the recipient. At All Time Awards, we excel in creating Custom Trophies San Diego that encapsulate the essence of every accomplishment. Reach out today to discover how we can help you create a custom trophy for your special celebration. We can be best reached by phone at (858) 277-4165To view all our products, click here.