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In a world that thrives on recognition and appreciation, the choice of material for trophies and awards plays a crucial role in immortalizing achievements. All Time Awards, a leading name in the industry, is here to guide you through the diverse array of materials that elevate the essence of recognition.


The lightweight and versatile nature of acrylic trophies make them a popular choice. Allowing for intricate designs and vibrant colors, acrylic awards stand out for their modern appeal and durability. Whether it is a corporate achievement or a sports victory, acrylic trophies leave a lasting impression.


Custom plaques are timeless and classic, plaques have been a symbol of honor for generations. All Time Awards crafts plaques that exude elegance, with a variety of finishes to suit any occasion. The engraving on plaques ensures a personalized touch, making them a cherished memento for the recipients. Often used for corporate recognition awards.

Glass and Crystal:

For those seeking sophistication, glass and crystal awards are the epitome of elegance. The exquisite craftsmanship at All Time Awards transforms these materials into works of art. Ideal for commemorating special milestones or lifetime achievements, glass and crystal awards add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

glass engraving, clear, crystalResin Awards:

Unleash creativity with resin awards that come in various shapes and sizes. All Time Awards molds resin into unique designs, allowing for customized awards that capture the spirit of accomplishment. These awards are perfect for industries where creativity and innovation take center stage.


Recognizing individual achievements becomes memorable with finely crafted medals. All Time Awards offers a wide range of designs, from classic to contemporary, ensuring that every accomplishment is celebrated in style. Medals are not just accessories; they are tokens of triumph that stand the test of time.

Metal Rings and Engraved Plates:

All Time Awards goes beyond conventional awards by offering metal rings and engraved plates. These additions provide a distinctive touch to trophies, making them a symbol of prestige and honor. The intricate detailing on metal rings and plates adds a layer of sophistication to the recognition process.

Assorted Types of Drinkware:

Elevate your awards game by exploring unique drinkware options. All Time Awards introduces a range of drinkware, from engraved glasses to personalized mugs, ensuring that every sip becomes a reminder of accomplishment. Practical and symbolic, drinkware awards offer a refreshing take on recognition.

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As you embark on the journey of acknowledging accomplishments, All Time Awards invites you to seize the opportunity. Do not miss out on the chance to honor those who deserve it. Visit our contact page for personalized assistance or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on our latest creations. If you are searching for a “trophy company near me” or “custom plaques near me” look no further than All Time Awards.

Recognize excellence with All Time Awards – where every achievement is a masterpiece.