Moments in Life that Call For Our Special Event Awards

There will be moments in life that are worth celebrating in an extra special way. At All Time Awards, we understand the power of recognition so we strive to create the best special event awards possible that are sure to elevate your specific occasion. Continue reading to explore the top occasions that we believe truly call for our awards

Special Event Awards in San Diego

Corporate Achievements

Work related achievements are definitely worth celebrating. One way to do that is through our special event awards. With our awards at All Time Awards we can add a touch of sophistication to your corporate recognition ceremonies. Whether you’re recognizing an Employee of the Year or someone who had amazing sales targets this year, All Time Awards is here to ensure your ceremony is amazing. 

Academic Milestones

Academic achievements should also be celebrated in an extra special way. Whether it’s perfect attendance, a straight-A student, or honor roll, our special event awards are the ideal way to recognize students. Our awards are designed to make your academic recognition ceremony one to remember. 

Celebrating Sports Excellence

Celebrating sports excellence, especially youth sport excellence, is the perfect occasion to celebrate with our special event awards. Recognize your team’s dedication and hard work on the field. Consider award categories such as the top player, most improved or the best team player to name a few. Our awards are made to ensure your team feels appreciated for all they did during the season. 


At All Time Awards, we believe in the power of recognition. Whatever the occasion, our special event awards are crafted with utmost care. If you’re interested in our awards contact us at All Time Awards. Your premier San Diego Trophy Shop. We can be best reached by phone at (858)277-4165 or through our online contact form here. You can view all our products and shop here