Tips On Maintaining Your Awards Clean

Awards such as trophies, acrylics, plaques, glass and crystal and medals are symbols of achievement. They are physical objects that remind the recipient of their hard work and dedication. It’s important to maintain these awards so that they stay as beautiful as when they are received. In this small guide we will share with you essential trophy maintenance tips to keep your awards looking pristine for years to come. 

Dusting and Cleaning

Awards are commonly used as displays as a reminder of a recipient’s success. Over time though these awards tend to accumulate dust and grime. It’s important that one gently cleans their awards with a soft lint free cloth regularly. Be sure to avoid any harsh materials or chemicals when it comes to cleaning these delicate objects. 

Avoid Touching It

We understand having pride in your awards but try to avoid touching it so much. That’s why having it on display is a great choice because you don’t need to touch it. It’s already on display for your admiration. When you touch the award though you might leave fingerprints on it. Although it does not cause damage to the award, it’s a good habit to not touch it so much so it stays looking pristine. Or at least if you like to hold your award frequently, make sure to clean it with a soft lint free cloth afterwards so that it looks clean and untouched. 

Avoid Sunlight

When you choose to put your award as a display, don’t make the mistake of putting it in a space where sunlight is directly hitting the trophy. It might make the trophy look nice and shiny but over time it will cause fading, discoloration and deterioration. Display your trophy in a shaded part of your space. 


If you decide to not put your trophy up for display make sure you store it correctly. Make sure it’s in a non cluttered place so nothing clashes with your award and causes potential damage. It’s also great to wrap your award in a soft, acid-free tissue paper or cloth. This will prevent your award from scratching and tarnishing. 

Regularly Inspect Your Trophies

If you notice any damage to your award, whether it’s a chip, crack or a loose part, make sure to contact a professional immediately. Letting these damages go without fixing can cause further future deterioration. 


Awards are a great reminder of your achievements. They are the perfect keepsakes to remember your success years later. That said, maintaining them is crucial so that they look as pristine as when you got it. We hope these tips we shared with you help you do just that. 

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